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Why Choose Scott Law for Your Medical Malpractice Case?              Medical Malpractice Accident Attorney Gerard Scott             

  DEDICATED & PASSIONATE.  At Scott Law every case is a big case.   For some lawyers it's all about the money and enhancing their image.  If your case doesn't have big dollars signs, or offer them a chance for even greater promotion, then they are not interested.  Oh, you definitely have a case, they may tell you.  But they have a conflict, or they are such great lawyers that they specialize only in multi-million dollar cases.  I enjoy this work because it is challenging and I can, and do, make a difference.  No one fights harder than the people who believe in what their doing. 

 EXPERIENCED.  At Scott Law medical malpractice is what we do, and we have been doing it for 25 years.  I have more experience than you have time to read about, but I do want to share my beginnings.  My very first experience with medical malpractice was back in 1985 when I was an Assistant Public Defender just one year out of school.  My wife, a labor and delivery nurse, suffered a spinal cord injury during back surgery. Fortunately, she recovered well enough to return to nursing but over the years the physical aspects of nursing has taken its toll on her disability.  Now she works with me on medical malpractice cases.  She has over 30 years of labor and delivery nursing experience.  What I learned from my wife's malpractice case, still holds true today.  Very few "malpractice lawyers" are willing to take on some of the good, yet difficult cases.  Although the surgeon had candidly told me that his surgical instrument had slipped and possibly contused her spinal cord, that is not how it got written up in the medical chart.  Eventually, I took the case to the firm where I went to work and began working it up.    As it turns out, my wife's medical chart was inaccurate in other ways too. Within the surgeon's records that had been sent to another physician were two identical summary reports on the intraoperative spinal cord monitoring.  Identical, with one exception.  One had my wife's name on it, and the other had the name of a different patient.  I was then able to track down the actual technologist involved in the monitoring.  She testified that the report in my wife's record was in effect a phony.  She recalled an incident having occurred during the surgery and there having been a corresponding disruption of the spinal cord monitoring.  Years later I would discovery similar evidence proving an alteration of the same spinal cord monitoring records of a young girl who suffered partial paralysis during surgery.   I continue to handle many cases that no one else will take.  And I continue to discover things that all the nurses and doctors reviewing the chart miss.  When new evidence is discovered, those cases take on a different light.

 A WILLINGNESS TO DO WHAT IT TAKES.  At Scott Law I will work on your case.  Your case needs just one good, hard working, medical malpractice attorney.  A lawyer who will start working on the case him/herself from the very beginning.  If I want to talk to a surgeon I can just pick up the phone and talk to my brother or my best friend.  If I want to talk to a nurse I can just talk to my wife.  And sometimes In do those things.  But I know that there are serious limitations with regard to what my consultants have to offer.  NO ONE BUT AN EXPERIENCED, DEDICATED, AND PASSIONATE MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAWYER IS GOING LOOK AT THE RECORDS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  There is no substituting for the skill, dedication, and hard work that a good medical malpractice attorney provides.  Your case will be a battle to discover the truth.  You need someone who will find it.

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